How to use WEN Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask

This signature treatment is designed to rejuvenate and rehydrate dry, damaged, lifeless, colour-treated hair. It is the ultimate moisturising treatment, enriched with the perfect blend of natural and botanical extracts to restore hair, providing moisture, shine, and nutrients to give you an at-home spa treatment that will leave your hair feeling soft, silky, lustrous and replenished.

Step 1

After washing your hair with your Cleansing Conditioner, re-apply 8-16 pumps of your Cleansing Conditioner on soaking hair.

Step 2

Apply about a palm full of your Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment on top of the Cleansing Conditioner, focusing on damaged areas.

Ensure a full coverage by using your wide tooth comb.

Leave in for 30-45 minutes.

Step 3

Rinse out your hair thoroughly and completely.

Step 4

Let your hair dry naturally or style/blow dry as usual.

Money Back Guarantee

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