How to use WEN Texture Balm

The WEN Texture Balm is the ideal finishing touch for creating looks with definition, separation and texture. It’s designed to provide hold and shape for either long or short hairstyles.

Recommended Amount to Use



FINE Apply 2-4 strokes directly to your palms.
MEDIUM Apply 4-6 strokes.
COARSE Apply 6-12 strokes or more to help tame, hydrate and control frizz, waves or curls.


Step 1

Use on dry, styled hair.

Rub stick onto palms.

Step 2

Apply suggested amount to mid-shaft, ends or specific pieces.

For extra hold, combine hairspray and texture balm by spraying palms with hairspray before application.

For short hair, apply with hands or directly with the stick.

Step 3

Style hair as usual.

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